Message from the Owner

At Horizon the top three things we offer to a prospective client are 1) Commitment and Dedication to our clients’ interests first; 2) Honesty & Integrity; and 3) Contract Expertise. Horizon’s foundation is military strength and Christian values.

The representation at our firm is unique because while other agents talk about “Honor,” “Commitment,” “Integrity,” as key words they use to sell themselves, I actually lived these values as an officer in the military on active duty for nearly 5 years and still do as an officer in the reserves. Further, while other people get into this business solely for the money, I have a personal history that motivates me to ensure all my players are successful not only in football but long after their playing days are over. Finally, I have years of experience as the lead Contracts Attorney/Chief of Contract Law at various military installations where I helped negotiate and structure multimillion dollar contracts valued at over 25 million dollars. This experience allows me to ensure my clients’ interests are absolutely protected during contract negotiations.

Our representation philosophy is that with hard work, honesty and dedication to our clients we can ensure our players receive the best representation possible. All of my players’ business affairs are personal to me and I always try to establish friendships as well as business relationships with my players. We always advise clients what they need to know. For example, everyone going into the NFL should be aware that the average career for an NFL player lasts only 3.4 years. Therefore it is critical to have someone you can trust and rely on to look out for your interests (not only during your career but post career) from the time you enter the NFL. Players in other sports also need to know that their playing days will not last forever. At our agency we are committed to the idea that players should begin planning for the future as soon as they start their careers. It is an indictment on many of the agents out there that so many former athletes are not set up for a comfortable life. I personally strive to ensure all of my clients will have a prosperous career and that they are taken care of long after their playing days are over.