Advising and Mentoring

Advising and Mentoring

Horizon Sports Associates brings unparalleled, comprehensive Sports Agent Services to every player with a personalized touch. As the founder of Horizon, Mitchell develops meaningful bonds with each and every one of the players he represents because he truly cares about his clients.

Horizon Sports includes veterans of the NFL that mentor young players about life in the NFL and what to really expect and how to deal with issues that every NFL player will face during their career. Mentors also provide advice on success after playing days are over.

Services Include:

- Mentoring provided to all players by veterans who know how to have a successful professional sports career and how to continue success after playing days are over.

- Representation at all NFL/MLB/NBA Grievances, Hearings and Appeals

- Collecting Termination or Severance Pay

- Injury Expertise and Rehabilitation

- Off-Season Training, Nutrition and Supplementation

- Team Communication Liaison

- Assistance with Career-Ending/Disability Insurance Proceeds

- Formation and Assistance with Charitable Foundations

- Execution of Trades and Releases

- Veteran Contract Extensions